• What Is CRPS?
    With the NFL season fast approaching, many hopeful dreams of a successful season can be shattered with a pre-season injury like that of Brandon Carr of the Dallas Cowboys who Read more
  • What Is This Lump, Doc?
    One of the most common questions foot and ankle surgeons get from their patients is “what is this lump, doc?” Be warned … that is often a very loaded question. Read more
  • What are the Treatment Options for Burn Patients?
    Parts of the Midwest are experiencing dangerous heat waves with heat indexes in the 120s, which means now is a perfect time to conclude my talk about burns. The treatment Read more
  • Burn Injuries of the Foot and Ankle
    With summer upon us, we all naturally put ourselves at an increased risk for all types of burns. The most obvious is sunburn. Over two million Americans are hit with Read more
  • Treatment Options for Osteoarthritis
    In my last blog we began a discussion on osteoarthritis (OA), the most common form of joint pain that appear as we age. We spoke of the commonness arthritis has Read more
  • Oh My Aching Feet
    With the NBA finals now over, the sports world turns to focus on the Pacific Northwest as the U.S. Open golf tournament begins. Phil Mickelson is one of the top Read more
  • Standard Steps for Preoperative Care
    Last week we began a discussion on the preoperative phase of surgery. With athletes like Lebron James playing while injured, with people living longer, and with the growing prevalence of Read more
  • Your Steps to Surgery
    In the spirit of Memorial Day, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the enormous strides we have made in the realm of surgery since the Revolutionary War Read more
  • The Many Different Levels of Narcotics
    Managing pain is obviously an important part of a podiatrist’s job. Just ask Lebron James who recently sprained his ankle in a playoff game. Last week we began a discussion Read more
  • The Role Pain Medicine Plays in Podiatry
    The Fight of the Century, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, was unbelievable considering the record breaking amounts of money involved, an undefeated record at stake, and the hype. It makes me wonder, Read more
  • Don't Ignore Your Ingrown Toenail
    Last week we began a discussion on ingrown nails in the spirit of National Foot Health Awareness Month. While this is a very common condition effecting 26% of the population, Read more
  • Can an Ingrown Toenail Cause Foot Pain?
    April is National Foot Health Awareness Month. Therefore, today I will discuss one of the most common podiatric conditions effecting 26% of the population. While ingrown nails obviously are not Read more
  • Metatarsal Fractures Common in Basketball
    The NCAA men’s basketball championship created quite a buzz this year. The Wisconsin Badgers basketball team took the spotlight headed into the finale Monday night as the team that stole Read more
  • Diagnosing Charcot Marie Tooth Disease
    With the Final Four upon us, all of us avid NCAA basketball fans are focused on Kentucky, Michigan State, Duke, and Wisconsin. However, from a foot and ankle perspective, one Read more
  • Treating an Achilles Tendon Tear
    We are now in the thick of March Madness. While no injuries have occurred as severe as Kevin Ware’s leg break two years ago, you may have noticed his coach, Read more
  • Treatment for a Charcot Foot
    March Madness comes at a bad time. With the weather improving outside, March should be a prime month to start moving and exercising again. However, all of us devoted college Read more

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