• What Is CRPS?
    With the NFL season fast approaching, many hopeful dreams of a successful season can be shattered with a pre-season injury like that of Brandon Carr of the Dallas Cowboys who Read more
  • What are the Treatment Options for Burn Patients?
    Parts of the Midwest are experiencing dangerous heat waves with heat indexes in the 120s, which means now is a perfect time to conclude my talk about burns. The treatment Read more
  • Standard Steps for Preoperative Care
    Last week we began a discussion on the preoperative phase of surgery. With athletes like Lebron James playing while injured, with people living longer, and with the growing prevalence of Read more
  • Your Steps to Surgery
    In the spirit of Memorial Day, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the enormous strides we have made in the realm of surgery since the Revolutionary War Read more
  • The Many Different Levels of Narcotics
    Managing pain is obviously an important part of a podiatrist’s job. Just ask Lebron James who recently sprained his ankle in a playoff game. Last week we began a discussion Read more

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